• Augmented Reality and Fashion: A High-Tech and Stylish Partnership

    When people use electronic devices to view their surroundings with images or text layered on top, they’re experiencing augmented reality (AR). A famous example of AR is the 2016 mobile game Pokémon Go, which involved cute digital characters superimposed on scenery from the real world. AR, which has many practical applications, could revolutionize the fashion …

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  • Proud to be Slow

    Slow fashion is a clothing revolution that marries a concern for people and the planet with high-quality products. Gradually but surely, awareness of this movement is growing, and the number of slow fashion options is increasing as well. Treating Workers with Respect and the Environment with Care The phrase “slow fashion” seems to have originated …

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  • Non-Binary Fashion: Then and Now

    Although it is far from a new concept, non-binary fashion is certainly more mainstream these days. The evolution of this fashion trend has come a long way, leading from women being overly feminine and wearing long skirts and dresses down to their ankles to walking down the runway in suits and ties. In essence, both …

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  • Tie One On with Julian

    Julian proudly wears the Aleister Tie at historical bohemian hangout Zorthian Ranch in Los Angeles. He works as an actor and model, including his role in Dwimmer’s 2015 fashion film, ‘Tie Dreams’ Watch ‘Tie Dreams’

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  • The year we Kidnapped Cupid

      by Laurel Tincher Love triangle, three wheeling, ménage à trois; not the usual topics of conversation preceding the romantic pressure cooker of Valentine’s Day. This year, the Dwimmer team set out to poke Cupid with his own arrow, and the result may be the start of something amazing. I often think of my boyfriend as …

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  • One Night World’s Tour

    Excitement is brewing as we transform the DTLA Syrup Loft for our benefit launch event on June 14th. We are planning a spectacular evening of performances, including a singing siren who might just hand you a message in a bottle, fire flow art on the rooftop, home brewed Dwimmer beer, and a whimsical fantasy world …

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