Simple to Wear. Quality Craftsmanship. Gender Neutral.


Dwimmer Neckwear is designed for today; simple to put on, for effortless style.

Each piece is handmade in California with precise attention to craftsmanship and detail.

The high quality materials are carefully sourced from around the world.

This newly imagined addition to classic neckwear is Patent Pending.

Interact with a Dwimmer Tie and you’ll journey back to the times of alchemists and explorers,

into tomorrow’s digital transformation, and land in today, ready for anything.

How to Tie Your Dwimmer Tie

Your Dwimmer Tie arrives pre-tied. All you have to do is loosen the neck,

slip it over your head, cinch and adjust.

Please do not untie the front of the tie that goes through the metal grommet, as it will cause extra wear on the fabric.

The Silhouettes


Dwimmer Ties feature a new method of tying which gives them a fixed length.

These lengths fit the majority of customers.

If you would like a custom size please contact us.

Bold, the classic.

Measures 20″ from neck to tip

3″ width at the widest point

Mod, our take on the skinny.

Measures 20″ from neck to end

1.75″ width at the bottom


Measures 15″ from neck to end

Fein, our  original design

Wear it with or without a collar, centered or off to the side.

Measures 15″ from neck to tip

2.25″ width at widest point